I started my professional development career at LucasArts Entertainment in 1999. The company was founded by George Lucas as his video game arm of his entertainment companies. Being a huge fan of Star Wars this was a dream come true.

Quality Assurance

My first position at LucasArts was in QA testing video games while I studied Industrial Design at university. When I started, this was just an awesome job, doing something I love, until I got my university degree. I never thought this would become a 20 year plus career.

My passion for designing games grew during this time and I frequently talked to the game designers about their roles. I found that my time working as a Tester made me a better designer because I spent so much time trying to break games I knew how to build games that were more robust and fun to play.

Level Designer

Eight months later I was promoted to a Level Designer working on the third person action flight shooter Starfighter. I went on to work on other genres of games including First Person Shooters, Flight, and 3rd Person Action Adventure.