Box Cover
One of my levels


Released 2013 on Xbox 360 by Crystal Dynamics

The Game

The young archaeologist Lara Croft is traveling on the ship Endurance together with a crew to locate the prehistoric Japanese kingdom of Yamatai and the secrets of the Sun Queen Himiko and her mystical powers. Against the group's advice, Lara presses on to go to the Dragon's Triangle, a location plagued by mysterious storms. When the ship is struck by one of the storms, everyone is stranded on a seemingly desolate island. Lara's task is to bring the crew back together and find out more about the island. She has to fight off the Solarii, a cult led by a mysterious person who has taken an interest in Lara's friend Samantha Nishimura

My Role

I was the lead exterior designer responsible for the open world sections of the game. Players could explore the open world and discover tombs that they could enter as they liked. I took a position at a new studio before this project shipped.