Box Cover
Ambient Battle
Delta Squqd
Video Display at E3
Squad Orders
Squad Clearing Hallway
Healing Station
Geonosian Eggs Hatching
New Objective


Released in 2005 on Xbox by LucasArts

The Game

Republic Commando is a first person shooter Star Wars game that takes place during the time line of the Clone Wars. These commandos are highly trained clones called in when this situation calls for it.

My Role

I worked on Republic Commando as a Level Designer responsible for creating the first few levels of the game meant to emmerse the player into the world.

Behind the Scenes

I was responsible for making the first mission in the game where players are introduced to the game features. My goal was to make players feel like they were dropped into the middle of an intense battle while staying very easy at the same time so players can learn.

We created a variant of the droids that shot more frequent, less accurate and did far less damage. This allowed me to up the intensity without upsetting the difficulty. Combat space was created from a series of trenches that wind through the battlefield. This trench allowed me to keep players focused on learning mechanics while keeping the right in the middle of the action.

Walker tanks could come right up to the edge. Each area of these missions was designed to introduce to the three buddy commandos and the game mechanics available to the player such as sniping, hacking and door breaching.