Fake Title Screen
Joke Loading Screen
Defend Target Design
Leapfrog Movement
Patrol Using Cover
Moscow Bridge
AI Reaction to Combat
AI Reactions
Car Lada Samara Model
Mercedes S Class Model
Cargo Trailer Model
Flatbed Trailer Model
Tanker Trailer Model
Volvo Truck Model
Gazelle Cargo Van Model
Gazelle Flatbed Van Model
Gazelle Police Van Model
Game Editor Design


Game Shelved by Rockstar Vienna (Later released by Rockstar North)

The Game

Max Payne 3 was another installment in this successful franchise. You play as Max Payne a New York police detective

The game features Bullet Time which allows players to slow down time to perform amazing action-packed sequences of gun play.

Unfortunately the Rockstar Vienna studio was shut down in 2006 and the game was sent to another Rockstar studio to be completed.

My Role

I started as a level designer also helping out the art team modeling vehicles in the game. The game was in preproduction and most of the existing work had been focused around the main character and a couple missions. When I started the game didn’t have any enemy AI. I created a new role for myself as lead AI Designer working together with an animator and programmer to create many different enemy behaviors.

Each of the factions had different combat behaviors that were influenced by how the player approached the situation. For example, mafia enemies were not as precise and coordinated as military combatants and could be pressured into taking cover.