Box Cover
Droid Bombing Run
Droid Dropships
Astroid Field
Using Jedi Force Powers
Droid Fighters
Jedi Starfighter
Escape Ship
Droid Lander
Landing Platform
Moon Base
Moon Base
Force Shockwave
Droid Starfighter Walking
Jedi Training Ship
Jedi Starfighter


Released in 2002 on Playstation 2 by LucasArts

The Game

Jedi Starfighter is the sequel to Star Wars Starfighter, the third person action flight shooter game.

This game took the flying shooter to the next level by adding the ability for Jedi Adi Gallia to use Force Powers like Force Lightening, Force Shockwave and Force Shield and Force Reflex. while flying. Other ships included Nym’s Havoc which had both forward shooting lasers and devastating forward arcing bombs.

The game included two-play co-operative mode, deathmatch and capture the flag options.

My Role

I was a level designer once again pushing the bounds of gameplay by creating a mission where you destroy landing platforms around the surface of a spherical moon.