Title Art
2016 Playable Demo
Early vehicle prototype
Wingsuit prototype
City Prototype
City Prototype


Released in 2017 on PlayStation 4 by Guerrilla Games B.V.

The Game

This third person action RPG, takes place long after an apocalyptic event destroyed the world. Nature has reclaimed the planet and animal like machines now roam the open world. You play as Aloy of the Nora tribe, who is a young hunter outcast trying to discover the mystery around her birth, and hoping to earn a place amongst the tribe.

Unlock skills, craft items and upgrade your weapons as you explore this beautiful open world. Weapons are a unique blend of primitive bow and arrow combined with high tech materials harvested from the machined.

My Role

My title was Combat Design lead but I was responsible for all gameplay features including Aloy’s movement, progression, abilities, weapons, mounts, enemies, crafting, economy, and the enemies she fought against. This included the third person camera, game controls and more.