Box Art Mockup
E3 2003 Trailer
Ben Throttle
Big Escape
Mr. Burnfield
Concept Ben's Bike
Father Torque
Father Torque's Trailer
Father Torque's Trailer
Hound Dog Hideout
Hound Dog Hideout
Hound Dog Hideout
Hound Dog Hideout
Hound Dog Hideout
Brawl at the Kickstand Bar
Hound Dog Leader Perkins
Hound Dogs
Hound Dogs


Project Shelved by LucasArts

The Game

Full Throttle 2 was the 3D sequel to the third person puzzle solving adventure game. You play as Ben Throttle, leader of the Polecats biker gang.

Making this game in 3D allowed players to explore every corner of the environment, to find clues, solve puzzles, pickup weapons and the odd quest item. In between solving puzzles players could fight brawl fight against multiple gangs in the different territories.

The game made its public debut with a playable demo at E3 where you could fight the Hound dog gang at their Drive-in hideout. The game was shaping up to be quite fun, unfortunately it was shelved when the studio decided to focus on Star Wars titles for the immediate future.

My Role

As a Level Designer I designed the layout of the levels and created combat and puzzles that took place in those areas. One of these aras was Father Torque's trailer. The story returned players to this location multiple times so it needed to support return gameplay and different states depending on the players progress.

Another location I designed and scripted was the Hound Dog Gang's hideout, which was an abandoned drive-in theater. This was the one mission chosen to represent the game at E3 2003 because of it's high quality and fun gameplay.