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Modular Apartment Floorplan
Modular Basement Floorplan
Game Editor Design
Game Editor Design
Modular Building Lobby Design
Navmesh Test
District Design
Reference Photo
Reference Photo
Reference Photo


Project shelved by Crystal Dynamics

The Game

This open world city survival game was canceled before its release and was never announced to the public. This game leveraged capabilities of the Tomb Raider engine to allow for climbing and exploring the open world.

My Role

I was the project Level Design lead guiding a team of level designers to build an open world, city that leveraged retraversal and unlocking of new elements to keep players engaged for many hours. Players would scavenge for resources that they would take back to their home base to build fortifications against the creatures overrunning the world.

We had already passed our vertical slice and most of the world had already been made with working missions before the project finally got shut down as part of a corporate wide restructuring.

I created the mission outline documents for the level designers. These documents would outline the story to be told, the objectives that had to be achieved, any set piece events or area unlocks that happened.