Who Am I?

We are shaped by our experiences and the influences of the world around us. Creativity and innovation are heavily inspired by our life experiences. Great games are made by teams that embrace diversity.

I have been fortunate enough to travel for most of my life, seeking new adventures and experiences that have had a large impact on my perspective.

I grew up playing video games at the local arcade and later at home when the Atari 2600 finally came out. I started programming on the Commodore 64, in the early 80’s and made simple games for fun and continue to this day, ...with newer computers.

When I am not playing or making games, I am outside or traveling. I have been fortunate to travel Europe, Africa, Asia, South/Central and North America. I have lived in Austria, The Netherlands and USA.

I got my pilots license when I was 19. I have been SCUBA diving in the cenotes of Mexico, summited Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, skydiving off the cost of California, hiked the jungles of Costa Rica and crawled through passageways in the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

Each new adventure has exposed me to different cultures, and different ways of thinking.